KardiaChain integrates with ShareRing’s blockchain travel app

KardiaChain integrates with ShareRing's blockchain travel solution

KardiaChain, a scalable, non-invasive interoperable hybrid blockchain platform, today announced integration with ShareRing, a transparent, decentralized ecosystem.

With the upcoming launch of ShareRing’s app, ShareRing will integrate KAI token, opening up new utility through ShareRing partner products, including travel services, e-commerce, e-visas, local delivery services, healthcare, passport apps, payments/foreign exchange apps, car rentals, insurance, and more.

ShareRing will integrate KAI into the ShareRing ecosystem within the app wallet to be accepted as payment for any services on the ShareRing network, as well as for any of ShareRing’s connected partners across more than a dozen industries. ShareRing may consider adding KAI’s services/dApps to their app as well in the near future.

Similarly, KardiaChain will integrate ShareRing’s travel and passport features into the KardiaChain ecosystem via the KAI membership app with our top-up service, payment gateway, KAI master wallet, and Mai Linh taxi service.

The KardiaChain mainnet, which recently launched, features DeFi use cases to make digital assets more accessible and useful in the real world, in such a way that users won’t experience any steep learning curves with blockchain, while also focusing on DID (decentralized identity) and payment gateways.

“We are truly looking forward to this collaboration with an excellent team aligned with our goals. Seeing their use cases have huge potential to be widely adopted, at ShareRing we connect industries together, and KardiaChain is well-positioned to do so with their interoperability strategy and business know-how in the growing South East Asian market.”
– Tim Bos, CEO of ShareRing

The two organizations will continue exploring further opportunities for collaboration, including those associated with the ASEAN markets, and tech product interoperability. Encouraging mass adoption together with a hybrid solution and seamless blockchain user experience is also set as a priority. Moreover, the two projects will effectively look to incorporate and team up on hosting openings and promotional events to help the development and network expansion of the two ecosystems.

“We are lucky and predestined to meet ShareRing team by asking for some references and insights, also through a strong recommendation from ShareRing and KardiaChain’s trusted mutual partners; both companies met for exploratory talks in mid-December. ShareRing is a talented team that is always aiming for the best blockchain value in real life. We appreciate their vision and are willing to be companions in this regard.”
– Tri Pham, CEO of KardiaChain