Galaxy Digital adds new business division for bitcoin mining

New Galaxy Digital Mining business launches in 2021, integrating with existing business lines to offer trade and risk management solutions, principal lending and equity investments, and M&A advisory services for bitcoin miners. In addition to providing financial services to miners, Galaxy Digital Mining will also mine bitcoin on a proprietary basis...

Galaxy Digital, a financial services and investment management company in the digital asset sector, has announced the launch of Galaxy Digital Mining, a new business unit committed to providing bitcoin miners with a comprehensive suite of financial services and products.

Galaxy Digital Mining will serve as a one-stop financial services platform for miners—drawing the firm’s expertise in trading and risk management, investing and lending, and corporate advisory under one umbrella, tailored to the needs of the mining sector.

Leading this new business is Amanda Fabiano, who joined Galaxy from Fidelity Investments, where she oversaw the firm’s mining investments and initiatives as Director of Bitcoin Mining. The team working alongside her brings deep experience at the intersection of traditional finance and digital assets, with backgrounds spanning real asset financing, non-traditional securitization, structured products, investment banking, and strategic advisory.

Simultaneously, Galaxy Digital Mining has also established its own proprietary bitcoin mining operation, hosting its machines at a third-party datacenter in the U.S.

“Bitcoin mining is the foundation of the Bitcoin network. By mining ourselves, we are able to deeply understand and solve for the financial needs of miners, while also enhancing the strength of the industry and thus the strength of the Bitcoin network,” stated Fabiano.

“Through consistent and dedicated coverage of this sector over the past two years, we have had the opportunity to review every major proposed project, and our brand and market position uniquely enable us to connect operators and equipment providers with capital. Going forward, we see major opportunities in mining project financing, equipment financing, digital asset-backed financing, as well as working capital optimization and hedging solutions for mine operators and investors utilizing Galaxy Digital Trading’s industry-leading capabilities,” added Galaxy’s Co-President, Chris Ferraro.

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