Web app for blockchain-secured sportsbook Wagerr now live

For anyone who has used a sports betting site, Wagerr.com will feel familiar, with blockchain technology securing every bet...

Wagerr, a permissionless blockchain-based sportsbook secured by a global decentralized network, this week successfully launched the web version of its sportsbook. The sportsbook app was previously only available as a downloadable version on desktop and mobile operating systems.

With Instaswap and Uniswap integration, users can buy the native Wagerr (WGR) token to place bets. If depositing for a friend, Wagerr’s one-minute block times ensure that funds will show up in their account quickly. Further, Wrapped WGR is available on the Ethereum network to trade on Uniswap.

Currently, users can generate an account in minutes with no email address, upon creation they will receive a 12-word passphrase.


Filter and Search – By default, users see the next 25 upcoming events. Users can also filter by sport or league, or use the global search function to find the exact event they’re looking for.

Visualization – Users can see the action on an event for a visual display of odds movement over time, and see the details across all betting markets.

Place Bets Fast – Simply click on the odds and confirm. User’s bet tickets are then broadcast to the network.

Account History – Users can filter their account history by deposits, withdrawals, or bet type. Or they can set it to show all winners. Every bet is hyperlinked to the Wagerr block explorer where anyone can see the transaction details on the network.

Customization – Users can go to the “Settings” page to set their local currency, format their odds display, and specify their standard bet size. The default is the minimum bet of 25 WGR. Users are able to set the default to the max of 10,000 WGR, or anything in between.

Recent Volume Numbers

For the week of December 28th to January 3rd, Wagerr recorded $213,170 USD worth of betting volume, or 6,982,008 WGR. See the latest betting volume chart from Wagerr below.

“Wagerr.com delivers a powerful, fully-functional sportsbook. Upgrades for Version 2 are already in development. Wagerr will gradually roll out features like registering for a new account by email or using your existing social media login. Wagerr.com is undoubtedly the most accessible app for betting on the Wagerr blockchain.”
– David Mah, Founder of Wagerr