Crypto exchange EQUOS launches bitcoin (BTC) perpetual futures contract

Equos, a cryptocurrency exchange from blockchain company Diginex, today announced that it has launched its bitcoin (BTC) perpetual futures contract. The successful launch of the BTC perpetual is a major milestone in the roadmap of derivative products that are being introduced by EQUOS.

The perpetual contract is designed to ensure that professional traders and institutional investors can always benefit from transparent and fair market conditions. Prices and liquidity on the EQUOS exchange are only provided by independent market makers and EQUOS does not make markets on its own platform, ensuring that all traders always have equal visibility of the orderbook.

In addition, the EQUOS BTC perpetual contract is underpinned by a Liquidation Platform that is exclusively dedicated to handling liquidation events. Pricing in the pool is provided by several independent market makers that add depth and price competition to ensure that liquidation orders are executed at the market price. If there is insufficient liquidity to handle the size of liquidated positions, the main EQUOS order book can act as a backup. EQUOS also provides a final backstop for liquidation events through its Liquidation Reserve, which is part-funded by liquidation fees and a portion of trading revenues.

“A functional, robust derivatives market is critical to providing liquidity and risk management opportunities for traders and is key to attracting institutional investment into cryptocurrencies and digital assets more broadly. Our goal is to develop products with functionality that will facilitate wider institutional and professional trader adoption of crypto assets. This is just the first in a product suite that will offer investors more dynamic hedging tools, fairer liquidation, a platform that is not trading against its users, and reputational protection for investors seeking a KYC/AML compliant ecosystem.”
– Richard Byworth, CEO of Diginex

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