CoinShares XBT Provider cryptocurrency ETPs hit record volume

CoinShares XBT Provider cryptocurrency ETPs hit record volume

CoinShares, a European-based digital asset investment firm, today announced that the company’s XBT Provider line of cryptocurrency exchange-traded products (ETPs) reached record trading volumes on Monday, January 4, 2021.

With more than €162M ($202M) in XBT certificates changing hands traded on the market’s first day of trading in 2021, CoinShares had the highest volume traded in any European listed crypto ETP. XBT Provider is a Swedish-based issuer of exchange-traded products listed on Nasdaq Stockholm AB.

Since listing in 2015, XBT Provider has achieved a number of milestones:

“Our XBT Provider products continue to offer exposure to Bitcoin via traditional brokerage accounts across Europe, making it easy for investors of all types to gain exposure to Bitcoin without the premium associated with other products in the market or the risk of trading and securing your own assets.”
– Chief Executive Officer at CoinShares, Jean-Marie Mognetti

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