CyberVein’s CROSS decentralized NFT issuance platform goes live

CyberVein, a next-generation big data and analytics company, today introduced its first-of-a-kind decentralized non-fungible token (NFT) issuance platform, CROSS.

With DAVE (Data Analytics and Valuation Engine), an alliance that enables data-driven and technology companies to utilize their resources more efficiently, the CyberVein team unveiled CROSS during the Renaissance Conference – a celebration of CyberVein’s three-year-long journey of technological achievements.

“During the last three years, CyberVein has continued to develop new technologies, built and tested new solutions, and created a whole ecosystem with our partners,” stated Jerry Ning, CyberVein’s China Operations Director, who’s covering the company’s activities. He continued: “We are also ever-grateful for our international communities’ support, who stood by us since 2017.”

CyberVein’s Technologies

The CROSS platform garners support from the DAVE ecosystem, with more partner companies and foundations set to join the alliance in coming months. CROSS has a unique value proposition in its decentralized NFT issuance and trading capabilities, with a full-category financial derivatives option, which combines Centralized and Decentralized Finance (CeFi+DeFi). CROSS’ main objective is to make data more valuable.

DAVE aims to integrate blockchain companies that work with adjacent technologies, such as big data, Internet-of-Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G, and cloud computing, in a bid to create efficiencies. CyberVein will combine the two initiatives by creating a pool of resources with the DAVE engine while underwriting transactions through the CROSS platform’s NFT issuance.

“While DAVE combines our existing technologies – directed acyclic graph (DAG), cloud Computing Power GPU, Federated Learning, and PISR Database, we are also keen to collaborate with other technology companies,” stated Jack Ge, CyberVein’s Global Ambassador. Ge said: “We look forward to achieving even greater things at scale in 2021. Together with our partners, we can make data truly valuable.”

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