CoinList launches new advanced crypto spot exchange

CoinList expands service with launch of crypto exchange.

CoinList, a platform for token sales, today announced the official launch of CoinList Pro, its new cryptocurrency spot exchange. With the launch, the company has confirmed two listings with Filecoin (coming soon) and Celo (listed now).

Back in fall 2017, Protocol Labs ran Filecoin’s $205M token sale on CoinList; and later this summer, CoinList Pro will support Filecoin on day 1 of their mainnet launch.

In May 2020, CoinList also ran Celo’s auction, which raised $10M. Thereafter, Celo purchasers received their CELO distributions directly into their CoinList wallets, where they started earning staking rewards.


“We are also excited to announce that CoinList Pro will be supported by two of the biggest market-makers in the space, both of whom have invested in CoinList as part of this deal.. GSR is a leading global algorithmic trader and market maker in digital assets, with a team coming from Goldman Sachs, Two Sigma, and Citadel. The other partner is the largest US-based crypto market-maker and has demonstrated a long track record of supporting new markets. These market makers will support Filecoin and Celo as well as a stable of core assets.”
– The CoinList Team

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