Crypto exchange AAX adds support for 20+ fiat currencies in past month


As of July 20th, bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange AAX has now introduced OTC with local merchants to support CNY, HKD, and USD getaway, as well as a Fast Buy desk with partners including Epay, Coinify, Mercuryo, Xanpool to support over 20 types of currencies globally.

The quality of crypto exchanges is increasingly defined by the extent to which they make it easy for people to convert crypto to cash and back. Especially, as crypto exchanges and DeFi projects are more and more functioning as venues for alternative banking, this integration between online and offline life, and so, crypto and cash, is crucial. Here we look at the reasons behind this and how AAX, a fast-growing crypto exchange known for its use of London Stock Exchange technology, has stepped up as the go-to-place for exchanging fiat to crypto.

AAX – LSEG-powered exchange, with low fees

One crypto exchange that has really stood out in this space, and which is growing at a fast pace is AAX. This crypto exchange was launched in November 2019 and is best known for its technology partnership with London Stock Exchange Group’s LSEG Technology.

The exchange lists more than 20 top crypto-to-crypto trading pairs, with new coins listed every month. It also operates futures markets listing perpetual contracts for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Despite its high-end tech stack, its partnerships with the likes of the London Stock Exchange Group, and its wider connections to the institutional space, AAX is a retail platform, accessible and easy to use. It is known as the fastest exchange, with the lowest fees. It is obvious that this exchange is spearheaded by its ambition to take over the leading positions.

The go-to-place for exchanging fiat to crypto

But what’s less known is that AAX also makes it incredibly easy to buy and sell cryptocurrency in exchange for fiat.

  1. Over-the-counter

On AAX’s OTC platform users can buy and sell Bitcoin, USDT, and Ethereum from other users and merchants for HKD, USD, and CNY. Payments can be made with bank transfer, WeChat, PayPal, and a whole range of other easy methods. It’s peer-to-peer, meaning between users, but AAX provides oversight – so deals can be made in a safe way.

  1. Fast Buy

AAX features a Fast Buy section where users can buy and sell crypto with credit cards, or via bank transfer, in a matter of minutes, with support for more than 20 currencies including EUR, USD, SGD, HKD, JPY, and GBP, but also MYR, RUB, PHP, and many more.