Alpha Sigma Capital backs blockchain financial protocol Quant Network

Quant Network delivers interoperability of private DLTs and public blockchains across hundreds of banks and financial institutions.

Alpha Sigma Capital, an investment fund focused on blockchain companies, announced today that is has invested in Quant Network, whose mission is to solve the challenge of interoperability across private and public DLTs (Digital Ledger Technology). Quant’s main product is Overledger OS, an operating system that connects enterprise networks with different blockchains and enables companies to launch and scale enterprise-grade multi-DLT applications (MApps).

“We just recognized that Quant is doing what Ripple promised. Quant and SIA Europe successfully tested cross-blockchain interoperability between multiple Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) protocols on SIA’s inter-bank network, SIAnet. SIA is the backbone for financial institutions, central banks, corporates, and the public sector to process their transactions. It was clear that Quant’s operating system provides the layer for blockchain interoperability in the financial services sector.” Enzo Villani, Managing Partner at Alpha Sigma Capital commented.

Organizations can upgrade their legacy systems and unlock the power of multiple DLT technologies using Quant Network’s interoperability solution, Overledger OS. The implications of this are quite significant, considering it could lead to the mass adoption of blockchain technology and the transformation of institutions to transact interoperable digital assets across DLT networks.

“We are pleased to work with the team at Alpha Sigma Capital, who have a rich history in capital markets and financial services. Their experience and network will allow Quant to take its technology to new markets and institutions to transform the US financial system to be DLT agnostic, interoperable, and benefit from digital assets that complement the existing system.” Gilbert Verdian, CEO of Quant.

Alpha Sigma Capital and Quant have agreed to work closely together to expand the capabilities of digital assets in the US, to create value with interoperable DLT products and solutions for financial institutions, exchanges, and central banks.

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