Infinite entertainment, endless riches and absolute satisfaction – stellar review of CryptoGames

Technology has altered life forever. It has immensely affected all sectors of life- bringing about unparalleled change and improvement everywhere. This has also impacted the gambling industry immensely, which is now unrecognizable from what it was a decade ago. Fabulous Innovations such as Blockchain and Cryptocurrency were integrated into the system which ultimately led to the birth of online casinos immediately brought a wave of change in the gambling industry. Hordes of gamblers were rushing to these online casinos to engage in their favorite activity. Here, gamblers did not have to be physically present to gamble and cryptocurrency could be used instead of the traditional fiat currency – allowing more fluency and swiftness in financial transactions. All of these meant, gamblers could invest more time and energy in their favorite activity – raising the probability of a higher-earning and entertainment. This contributed to the healthy growth of the gambling community who was immensely satisfied by the new innovations and technology that changed the world of gambling forever.

These online casinos continued to grow in popularity as more time passed. Every day the numbers of online gamblers were gradually increasing as more people sought online casinos for entertainment. However, many of these online casinos are poorly equipped to tackle the bulging numbers of online gamblers. Ultimately they fail in their endeavors to satiate the ever-increasing community of users and thus leave gamblers with a bad impression about online gambling. Here the elite gambling site known as CryptoGames makes its grand entrance and announces itself as a gambling site that can satisfy the expectations of all ardent and devote gamblers

CryptoGames offers a range of services that are sufficient in meeting gambler satisfaction and help the casino maintain its impressive standing in the gambling industry. Its security measures ensure the absolute protection of user funds from atrocious hackers. It has an extravagant library of old school games that will keep gamblers engaged for years on end.  Its support is ever-present to respond to any queries or suggestions that users might have. The plethora of promotions and events help it in maintaining a celebratory atmosphere that players love. CryptoGames has always strived to meet the expectations of its fantastic community of users and it will always continue to maintain its high standard through its impressive services in the years to come.

Play entertaining games that come with an old school vibe

CryptoGames offers a range of 8 superbly entertaining games. These fun and engaging games are extremely beloved in the gambling community due to the immense satisfaction they present to gamblers of all sorts. Molded to absolute perfection, these fabulous games are played for long periods of time by both novice and veteran gamblers. Many of these games have existed long before the internet became widely recognized and thus were favorites of many users long before they joined the majestic world of online gambling. CryptoGames has decided to provide a smaller number of games as it refuses to bombard its users with hundreds and thousands of games that will intimidate users. Moreover, the online casino has provided a plethora of detailed tutorials and guides alongside the games, to assist users in learning and mastering the games at a much greater pace. The following is a brief description of each of the games that CryptoGames provides-


The game of bitcoin dice is extremely popular in the gambling community as the game is easy to learn and as it provides immense satisfaction to players. This fantastic game has a wide range of possible outcomes from 0.000 to 99.999. A number is chosen before the Dice is rolled and players have to predict whether the rolling of the Dice will produce a larger or smaller value than the chosen number. The gambler who accurately predicts the outcome of the roll becomes the winner of the game. Fun and enticing, the game manages to draw huge winnings which attracts a lot of gamblers to the game.


The game renowned as Slot has was an immediate hit within the gambling community from the moment of its creation and even today it has hordes of fans that are absolutely in love with the tremendous game. The game is played on four reels that spin back and forth before completely stopping. A payout can be claimed if five of the chosen symbols from the payout table line up in the middle of the slot. CryptoGames offers users only single-line horizontal matching, decreasing the difficulty of the game, and raising the amount won from the game. In this game of extreme endurance and luck, winners can claim a jackpot of up to 5 BTC via one single bitcoin bet.


The word “Roulette” is French for “little wheel”. Here players place bets on either a single number, different groupings of numbers, odd or even numbers, or if the numbers are high (19–36) or low (1–18). Players can also choose to bet on the color red and black

CryptoGames version of the game is a “European” edition of the game. Though this version of the game has the same payout table as the American edition, the house edge is almost halved by the presence of a single zero on the 37-number wheel. Once all bets are placed, the wheel is spun using the “spin” button and players get paid according to the payout table. This world-famous game always draws huge numbers of players due to its fabulous and remunerative rewards.


Blackjack originates from the famous global banking game known as Twenty-One and is an American version of the world-famous game. It is cousins with the games Pontoon and Vingt-et-Un. The game involves one or more players and a dealer to compare their cards. Players compete to gain a hand that has points nearer to 21 than the banker. CryptoGames wants its users to play with undivided attention which is why the table interface has a neat outlook with absolutely no distractions or unwanted designs. There are options to Surrender, Double Down and Split. In this game, a total of 4 decks are used and shuffled after each hand. In case the player hits the Blackjack he is paid at a ratio of 6:5 and is also paid for split hands.


The prehistoric activity of purchasing tickets to test one’s luck is known as Lottery. Lotto is the online version of this ancient game of luck and patience and is widely recognized as a superbly fun game in the gambling community. Like the lottery, Lotto also involves the buying of tickets, which are later used to determine the winner. CryptoGames’s interface has a “Buy Tickets” tab which players use to buy tickets. This tab also displays the total number of tickets that are currently owned by the user along with the probability of winning. Users can also see the time remaining for the round in the main interface which also shows the rewards for different positions and the total number of tickets that have been bought. CryptoGames hosts a draw every Saturday and Wednesday, where three winners are rewarded with all of the ticket revenue.


Plinko is a fun and delightful game extremely beloved in the CryptoGames community of users. In this game, users set a bet amount and choose the color of the ball they wish to drop. As soon as the “Play” is pressed, a ball is allowed to bounce from the top of a pyramid to the bottom. Before the start of the game, players decide on an amount to bet and a payout value is then assigned. The bottom of the pyramid displays the payout the player will receive. This game is a true test of one’s endurance and luck.

Video Poker

Video poker originated from the traditional game of five-card draw poker and is now a favorite in the Gambling community. This fabulous game is played on a computerized console similar to a slot machine. CryptoGames has three variants of the game commonly known as Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker. There are options available in the top left corner of the game board which allows users to toggle between their favorite modes of the game. A payout table is used to reward players and if a user somehow manages to pull a Royal Flush, he will attain a payout multiplier of 500! This will allow him to win up to 6 BTC through one single bet!


The world-renowned game known as Minesweeper was developed in 1960 and immediately became a hit with computer users all over the world. There are numerous variations and offshoots of this ancient game. The game uses a field that contains boxes and players click on these boxes to play the game. Some of these boxes contain mines that immediately end the game if clicked. CryptoGames only accepts bets that have a profit that is less than 4 BTC (maximum win per bet), thus if the current win yields a reward that exceeds the 4 BTC mark, the additional boxes will become inaccessible to the player.

Shatterproof Security protocols that safeguard user funds from deadly attackers

The internet is filled with malicious hackers and attackers who are on the hunt for valuable cryptocurrency. These horrendous attackers prey on gambling sites with poor security to claim invaluable user funds. CryptoGames has integrated numerous security measures directed at repelling these attackers and to provide invulnerable security for user cryptocurrencies. Two-factor authentication and SSL encryption are used to provide a dense layer of security which is almost impossible to breach for hackers. Email verification is mandatory for the withdrawal of funds, therefore even if online attackers gain access of user account and password, they will be unable to siphon out funds. Even in dire cases where the casino itself is under direct attack, CryptoGames maintains absolute protection of the funds by storing them in cold wallets. These security protocols maintain impregnable layers of security for user funds that no hacker can ever hope to breach.

Relish a plethora of celebratory promotional events that will invigorate your soul!

CryptoGames is renowned in the crypto gambling community for its plethora of celebratory events and promotions! It hosts these fabulous events all through the year, giving users a multitude of opportunities to claim lots of free rewards! Here, gamblers can win lucrative prizes such as free coins, voucher codes, and lottery tickets! The promotions are announced through social media and the Bitcointalk forum. During holidays like Halloween or Christmas, users receive free coins and are able to participate in various custom games held by the administrators. A special No Bet Speed Limit is hosted every Monday, where users can claim a higher number of coins as a larger number of bets per second can be placed. No more boring Mondays!

You can always depend on the efficient support team to assist you with any issues

CryptoGames has an extremely capable team of operators and moderators who are extremely efficient in tackling any problems that might become an issue in the site. The chatbox can be used as a Live Support to communicate with the necessary parties. Support can also be contacted directly through email and they answer emails within an hour. During weekends, support will answer anytime within 24 hours. Support can also be contacted through the bitcointalk forum via the announcement thread or by directly sending them a personal message.

Choose CryptoGames today and bring the most out of your gambling endeavours

It is a gambler’s duty to himself to select the best online casino that can satisfy his expectations and can help him hone his talent for gambling. This is where the elite gambling site renowned as CryptoGames makes a massive breakthrough. This crypto casino has always strived to provide complete satisfaction to users through its awe-inspiring services and has taken measures to enable its gamblers to reach their maximum gambling potential. Its plethora of services has helped it in maintaining a dominating position in the gambling community and has helped it stand toe-to-toe with the world’s most elite gambling sites. Its impenetrable security protocols ensure shatterproof protection for user funds. Its magnificent library of old school games keeps both veteran and novice gamblers completely engaged and the guides provided by the casino ensure users learn and master the game at an outstanding pace. It maintains an atmosphere of joy and celebration through its numerous promotions and events throughout the year. The moderators and administrators work around the clock to keep the site running at tip-top condition. All of these contribute to making the site the giant online casino it is today. Therefore as a gambler, it is up to you to join an elite gambling site such as CryptoGames and realize your true potential. You will embark on an adventure of endless riches and infinite entertainment, with CryptoGames there to assist you every step of the way.

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