NGRAVE launches new key backup tool for crypto hardware wallets

Blockchain asset security company NGRAVE today announced the release of NGRAVE GRAPHENE, a new encrypted and recoverable private key backup for cryptocurrency hardware wallets. The NGRAVE GRAPHENE replaces outdated paper wallets and protects users’ private keys from being lost or stolen.

The NGRAVE GRAPHENE is available for purchase with the world’s most secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet, the NGRAVE ZERO, which has raised more than $159,000 from 500+ backers in an ongoing Indiegogo campaign. The NGRAVE GRAPHENE is a cryptographic puzzle consisting of two durable, high-quality stainless-steel plates.

It is fully resistant to electric shock, rain, fire, heat of up to 1660 degrees C (3020 degrees F), and other corrosive damage. Each plate contains the owner’s secret key with values on the plate arranged differently for every customer. When plates are arranged on top of each other, an owner will use an embossing click pen to record the key by punching holes through the upper plate into the lower one.

If an owner loses the top plate, NGRAVE is able to recover it, though the lower plate cannot be recovered, as the company would then be able to fully reconstruct customer information, compromising security. Owners have the option to purchase a second lower plate to prevent this.

In addition to providing the most secure way to store one’s private keys through life, NGRAVE GRAPHENE will soon offer an additional innovative solution: the ability for custodians designated by the keys’ owner to recover those keys, even after that owner has died.

“Private keys are a cornerstone of crypto online security, but their utility has mostly been theoretical, as keys can be as vulnerable to cyberattacks as any other data that is stored online or connected to online resources. Paper wallet keys bring an additional host of problems that make them intrinsically easy to steal and difficult to recover. NGRAVE GRAPHENE solves this problem at launch. It is the only solution that allows completely secure and easily recoverable private key access.”
– Ruben Merre, Co-Founder and CEO of NGRAVE

The NGRAVE GRAPHENE was created in collaboration with world leaders in applied industrial cryptography, nanoelectronics, and chip manufacturing. The NGRAVE GRAPHENE is available alongside the NGRAVE ZERO. The GRAPHENE and ZERO will combine with the NGRAVE LIQUID mobile app to complete NGRAVE’s integrated, end-to-end crypto-storage solution.

NGRAVE technology uses the most advanced cryptographic protocols along with firmware that has earned the highest security certification in the world, EAL7. To conceptualize and develop its security features, NGRAVE partnered with Imec, a world-leading Research & Development hub for nanoelectronics and chip manufacturing, and COSIC, a leading research group for applied industrial cryptography, known for a.o. hacking Tesla vehicles.