Blockchain trading protocol Vega introduces liquidity provider programme

Vega, a blockchain project that is building a decentralized protocol to run infrastructure for programmable financial markets, today announced its Markets and Liquidity Programme, which will grant liquidity providers exclusive access to the Vega Protocol ahead of its public Testnet launch.

Following the launch of its private testnet, Vega has designed the Markets and Liquidity Programme for organizations to evaluate Vega Protocol commercially and technically. The programme joins stakeholders in a collaborative effort to ensure a successful mainnet launch — one that meets the needs of traders, market makers, and the other participants in the ecosystem.

“We anticipate market makers could earn 10 to 20 times higher returns by deploying collateral on Vega Protocol as opposed to traditional exchanges,” said Vega co-founder Tamlyn Rudolph. “We have disintermediated the typical expenses incurred by exchanges, with the preserved profit largely redirected to the market makers on Vega. They are rewarded for the high-value activity of incubating and growing healthy markets and can expect to receive 50 to 70 percent of fee revenue from trading on Vega.”

Vega aims to close the gap between niche crypto speculating and professional market making with its protocol for commercially attractive, professional-quality derivatives trading, and it sees the Markets and LiquidityProgramme as a critical first step.

The programme will be implemented in three phases to onboard, educate and assist market makers launching on Vega’s blockchain.

Founding members of the Liquidity and Market Marker Programme include:

“We are excited to break ground on this initiative with Vega.” Said Carson Cook, FRACTAL founder. “Decentralized exchanges offer a new and innovative landscape, and Vega’s focus on professional traders and excellent built-in incentives for Market Makers make it one of the most interesting new protocols out there.”

What are the benefits of joining Vega’s Markets and Liquidity Programme?

“Current market infrastructures benefit from fantastic economies of scale, which currently help to line the pockets of exchanges and other rent-seekers while traders are charged excessively for services that should be cheap or free,” said Barney Mannerings, Vega co-founder. “Liquidity providers, particularly, see little or no reward when they take the risk to nurture and support a new market. Vega is different. We recognise the essential value provided by market makers and innovators, so the protocol strongly rewards the value they add with a share of each market’s overall revenue. The high level of interest we’ve already received for this programme and the potential to be part of Vega at launch is a testament to the attractiveness of this new model.”

Participants in the Markets and Liquidity Programme are under no obligation or commitment to market making. However, those who most contribute to the network stand to most benefit.

Interested parties should contact Tamlyn Rudolph at Vega on

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