Crypto trading bot Gunbot now allows users to access Binance Futures

Gunbot, one of the most popular crypto trading bots, has recently released its latest version: v18.8.8 which allows traders to participate in Binance Futures trading competition and thanks to the partnership between Gunbot and Binance, you can get rebates on your trading fees.

Gunbot popularity is skyrocketing lately as it’s making partnerships with some of the most popular exchanges like Kucoin, Binance, Okex, Kraken, and many others, and, obviously, it’s continuously releasing new versions with improvements, new features, and new powerful trading strategies.

One of the most demanded bots is Bitrage, a very powerful arbitrage bot that is able to execute triangular arbitrage on the same Exchange, and very soon, the new version will include inter Exchange arbitrage features.

So, what are you waiting for? You can start automating your crypto trading operations with Gunbot right now! And get the advantage of the most powerful trading bot and the biggest botter community ever!

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