TokenSoft partners with Hub Security on ‘miniHSM’ crypto storage solution

TokenSoft customers will automatically be provided with a top-tier key management solution that ensures their tokens and assets are both safe and s.ecure with the implementation of Hub Security’s next-gen HSM device and independent OS for the encryption, management, and distribution of keys...

TokenSoft partners with Hub Security on 'miniHSM' crypto storage solution

TokenSoft, a security token issuance and management platform, today announced its new partnership with Hub Security. Hub Security’s next-gen HSM offers TokenSoft clients military-grade key management and cryptographic storage solutions; built to safeguard against blockchain’s most critical cyber threats.

Hub Security’s solution also enables remote handling of large amounts of assets. This feature is beneficial in times when senior officials are in isolation, or can’t physically reach on-premise security systems.

TokenSoft is a leading technology platform for companies seeking to issue and manage digital securities on the blockchain, at scale, and in a compliant manner. This latest effort aims to provide heightened security and protection for its blockchain-based tokenization and management solutions.

Beginning today, clients of TokenSoft’s transfer agent, DTAC, will enjoy the benefits of Hub Security’s miniHSM solution; which provides issuers with a highly secure cryptographic environment for the issuance, management, and trading of tokenized assets. HUB Security’s miniHSM uniquely allows end-to-end encrypted USB and wireless Bluetooth connectivity, making its endpoint usage continuously accessible.

“In an era lacking institutional-grade technology solutions for security tokens, we’re delighted to partner with Hub Security to offer TokenSoft customers the most advanced key management solution available. TokenSoft continues to hold customer security as a key priority. TokenSoft’s new partnership with Hub Security allows us to provide members with top-tier, military-grade protection for their tokens, keys, and assets –– accessible from anywhere in the world.”
– Mason Borda, TokenSoft’s CEO

An increasing wave of security concerns related to the use of blockchain has continued to raise alarm bells across the nascent industry, struggling to find its footing. The growing consensus among blockchain security experts outlines the need for blockchain-compatible security solutions that will address the threat of data theft and exploitation.


Hub Security’s miniHSM is the first of its kind to attempt to tackle this issue. Built uniquely for the use of tokens, cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-based products; the HSM solution offers scalable, air-tight security that can support any blockchain-based digital asset –– with a guarantee of insured protection.

Utilizing military-grade cybersecurity tactics for its miniHSM designed for FIPS140-2 Level 4 protection; HUB Security offers the highest protection level available for mobile cryptographic security solutions.

HUB Security’s combination of hardware and software solutions includes an ultra-secure internal signing authorization flow with a multi-signature vault; hardware firewall, access control, and a deep neural network learning system designed to anticipate and prevent cyberattacks.

“At HUB Security, we highly believe in this partnership with TokenSoft who has been leading the STO wave in the US; both as a platform and as a northern star for regulation and compliance. HUB Security’s end-to-end approach to the development and delivery of its hardware and software components ensures the highest level of security throughout the entire product lifecycle.”
– Eyal Moshe CEO of Hub Security

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