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Swiss-based Crypto Broker AG adds limit order functionality

Swiss-based Crypto Broker AG adds limit order functionality

Crypto Broker AG, a VQF member offering investors professional access to the bitcoin and crypto-asset market, today announced it has launched limit order functionality on their Crypto Asset Trader (CAT) platform. The addition brings added support to manage risk in the face of rising volatility across both crypto and traditional markets with the Coronavirus.

The Swiss-based bitcoin and cryptocurrency broker offers the new functionality 24/7; and is one of the very few worldwide that enable highly secure crypto trading with best-price execution, a growing range of trading pairs, and professional liquidity.

Limit orders are possible for 10 tradable crypto-asset pairs, with new trading pairs to be introduced later this year. Limit orders have previously only been possible when clients contacted the Crypto Broker trading team. Now, the function is available 24/7 within the Crypto Asset Trader (CAT) platform. Crypto Broker also launched this functionality over its API and FIX Protocol; which institutional clients use and offer in their systems.

“In expanding our offering to include limit orders with the same professional rigor found in traditional financial markets, our clients can comfortably manage trades around the clock. Crypto Broker will continue to set new standards in automated trading infrastructure as a first-mover in digital asset markets.”
– Crypto Broker’s Head of Trading, Simon Tobler

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