Bancor hackathon with 22,500 BNT in developer bounties is now live

The new challenge has 22,500 BNT in bounty prizes available...

Bancor hackathon with 22,500 BNT in developer bounties is now live

Bancor, the on-chain liquidity protocol that enables automated, decentralized exchange on Ethereum and across blockchains, today announced its latest developer challenge as part of Gitcoin’s DeFi-themed “Funding The Future” hackathon is now live.

From March 16th to March 30th, 22,500 BNT in prizes are up for grabs for developers who can create new Bancor liquidity pool designs and fiat on-ramps for Bancor liquidity pools. The submission deadline is 11:59 pm EST on Monday, March 30th.

See below more details on the developer challenges:

Challenge 1 — ️New Liquidity Pool Designs

Create new designs for liquidity pools that reduce slippage and maximize returns for liquidity providers.

Prize Bounty: 12,500 BNT

Build and deploy alternative liquidity pool designs that:

Ideas for inspiration:

Challenge 2 — ️Fiat On-Ramp for Liquidity Pools

The goal is to make entering and exiting a liquidity pool as easy as possible for everyday users, the challenge is for developers to connect liquidity pools to the fiat world.

Prize Bounty: 10,000 BNT

Eligible submissions will allow users to add liquidity (i.e., buy Bancor pool tokens) with a credit card and then withdraw funds from Bancor pools directly to their bank accounts. This can be accomplished by integrating a fiat-to-crypto provider into Bancor pools, such as: