Theta Network video delivery blockchain adds privacy features from Suterusu

Suterusu provides a trustless, efficient channel to protect digital assets and valuable data...

Theta Network video delivery blockchain adds privacy features from Suterusu

Theta, a next-generation video network powered by blockchain, announced today that it will be working with Suterusu to incorporate new privacy features to the Theta blockchain.

Suterusu brings ZCash-level privacy to any blockchain platform or app. It integrates a state of the art trustless ZK-SNARK scheme with nearly constant size proofs, and efficient proof generation/verification.

The Suterusu team provides privacy protection for several major blockchains and DApps such as BTC and ETH; as well as DeFi products like Standard Tokenization Protocol and SWFT. Other public blockchains such as Neo and IOST have also negotiated with Suterusu to build layer-2 protocols to support privacy protection on their networks.

Suterusu + Theta

“We are excited to be working with the Suterusu team to incorporate their blockchain privacy innovations into the Theta blockchain. Many enterprise users of the Theta Network will require their on-chain transactions to be confidential, so adding these features from Suterusu will help to speed up the path to adoption of the Theta protocol. Additionally, by reducing the amount of transaction data that needs to be verified on-chain through mechanisms like zk-rollups; these privacy features can increase the effective number of transactions handled by Theta blockchain over a given period of time, so Theta Network can support more users and platforms.”
– Jieyi Long, CTO of Theta Labs

Adding privacy features is part of the continued technical improvements being made to Theta mainnet 2.0 throughout 2020; making Theta easier for platforms to use and more aligned with their needs and goals.

“As a second-layer protocol that aims to democratize zero-knowledge proof and more generally privacy-preserving technologies in the blockchain sphere, it’s very exciting that we can partner with Theta, one of the top blockchain projects, to integrate our own design of anonymous payment scheme to the Theta network. By introducing our original zk-conSNARK and anonymous payment solution, we aim to bring both scalability and maximal security to the Theta network. We believe the collaboration between Suterusu and Theta, like our collaboration with several other renowned public blockchain projects, would undoubtedly be a win-win choice.”
– Huang Lin, CTO of Suterusu

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