New version of crypto wallet QPocket adds cold storage functionality

New version of crypto wallet QPocket adds cold storage functionality

QPocket, a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet and decentralized app (DApp) browser, recently released version 5.0 supporting bitcoin (BTC) asset management services.

And now, QPocket has upgraded to version 5.1, which adds new functionalities including cold wallet and wallet monitoring service. This upgrade fulfills the needs for both convenience and high security. Cold wallet functionality supports asset management for crypto-assets: BTC, ETH, TRX, and QKC.

“As smartphones are becoming increasingly commonplace, more users are used to using phones instead of computers as the medium for carrying out quick and easy tasks in asset management. However, as the mainstream hardware wallets do not support mobile phones that well, users find it cumbersome to use. On the other hand, because the hardware requirement limits the hardware wallet from supporting many types of cryptocurrencies, one would require different upgrades and plug-ins to overcome the issue. Currently, there are certain comprehensive solutions that combine functionalities of smartphones and hardware wallets but at an exorbitant cost. Overall, there exists not a user-friendly and affordable solution for hardware wallets in the existing market.”
– The QPocket team

Mindful of this challenge, the QPocket team has added cold wallet-related functionalities where one can covert an old but functional smartphone into a disconnected cold wallet.

By installing QPocket on the old phone (instructions here) and then disconnecting it from the internet; users can enjoy a higher level of security in protecting their digital assets.

Available on iOS and Android, QPocket connects users with 3000+ DApps and 100+ cryptocurrencies in one place. It is a secure mobile crypto wallet that supports QuarkChain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20, and Tron (TRX) tokens, and their DApps.
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