Cryptocurrency wallet app Eidoo opens pre-orders for new debit card

With just a few taps on the Eidoo app, it will be possible to use the card online or in store, or withdraw funds from ATMs...

Cryptocurrency wallet app Eidoo opens pre-orders for new debit card

Eidoo, a cryptocurrency solutions provider, has begun the rollout of eidooPAY a new system that links a debit card to the Eidoo cryptocurrency wallet. Starting today, the Eidoo Card is now available for preorder.


With the eidooPAY program, users can link their own debit card, the Eidoo Card, to the Eidoo wallet. Users will be able to convert bitcoin and ether into British pounds or euros. From there, users can instantly load the funds directly onto the card in-app. Eidoo Cards will initially be available for all UK and EU based users who have passed the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process.

Account Levels

There are three types of accounts available for the Eidoo Card; Basic, VIP, and Black (metal).

To pre-order a Basic card, Eidoo wallet users are required to burn some tokens. For VIP and Black cards, users stake a certain amount of EDO, which means they lock up their tokens as collateral. By staking and participating in the pre-order program, users will get access to some early rewards and benefits. The staking process is simple and can be managed directly in-app.

Each account also has its own unique benefits and crypto cashback reward, allowing cardholders to earn up to 10% of the total purchase amount per transaction.

Tokens earned through the crypto cashback are available for withdrawal anytime.