Tokeny works with Cynopsis on streamlined investor compliance service

Fully understanding the potential of blockchain technology and the increasing need for regulatory adherence of companies that operate in the space, the two companies are able to provide their clients with a secure, compliant and end-to-end capital raising service...

Tokeny works with Cynopsis on streamlined investor compliance service

Tokeny Solutions, a provider of tokenization technology, announced a new partnership with Cynopsis; to offer their clients a secure and streamlined investor compliance solution.

The collaboration aims to ensure investor onboarding and ongoing KYC/AML checks are processed smoothly using Tokeny Solutions’ services; and Cynopsis’ products – Ares, Artemis, and Athena.

Cynopsis’ products cover the entire KYC & AML process from pre-transaction customer onboarding to post-transaction monitoring, effectively detecting and preventing unwanted entities from participating.

“We are very excited to be working with Tokeny Solutions, a leading tokenization platform. We truly believe our mutual clients will benefit from this partnership; as our models align beautifully with a focus on allowing companies to dematerialize assets on the blockchain; through the use of technology, while enforcing ever-increasing compliance obligations.”
– Avere HillCo-founder and CEO EMEA, Cynopsis Solutions

Combined with Tokeny Solutions’ services, ONBOARD, T-REX and universal identity system ONCHAINID, issuers are able to issue digital assets compliantly and securely.

“For companies that are looking to benefit from utilizing blockchain technology; they need to have the correct partners in place to ensure they are adhering to the rules and regulations that govern capital markets. By integrating Cynopsis’ KYC & AML solutions with ours, we deliver benefits such as automation and digitization whilst incorporating a complaint-by-design approach.”
– Luc Falempin. CEO of Tokeny Solutions

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