PlutusDEX now available on mobile for iOS and Android

PlutusDEX now available on mobile for iOS and Android

The team of cryptocurrency payment app Plutus, announced today that the PlutusDEX is now available on iOS and Android. The app enables users to quickly and securely convert their crypto on-the-move.

PlustusDEX is a fully non-custodial exchange available on a smartphone device. Members can connect their external wallet to the Plutus app by entering their seed phrase.; and can disconnect this wallet at any time, or, users have the option of saving it for quick access whenever they log in.

Users can manage their crypto through the Plutus interface; all without revealing any personal information relating to the wallet. With the seed phrase encrypted on the device; no one has access to it, and the user remains the sole owner of their private keys at all times.


“The PlutusDEX is a valuable component of our services and we hope you enjoy this newly arrived feature on mobile. This is the MVP of our new and improved PlutusDEX and we welcome all feedback so we can further improve the experience. Please share your feedback in any of our community channels including Discord and we will pay acute attention to the responses to deliver the pinnacle of trading experiences!”
– The Plutus team

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