Blockchain initiative ‘Cross-Chain Group’ unveils initial members

The working group strives to make cross-chain development the default for new projects...

Blockchain initiative 'Cross-Chain Group' unveils initial members

Cross-Chain Group, a developer-focused working group dedicated to furthering the research, design, and implementation of cross-chain architecture throughout the blockchain ecosystem, announced today it has accepted the first round of initial members and steering committee members.

Each of the initial members was chosen for their depth of engineering knowledge, unique perspective, and commitment to expanding the functionality and availability of cross-chain architecture. Together, the goal is to provide the research, education, and tooling necessary to make interoperability more available.

“Through the combined efforts of the most promising and innovative companies in the space, we have begun to build a robust community of engineers, researchers, and projects. Unified by a common goal, we aim to deduplicate efforts, expand cross-chain architecture to new chains; and make cross-chain architecture more accessible.”
– The Cross-Chain Group (CCG) team


Founded in 2019 by Summa and Keep, CCG provides stewardship for technical projects and standards, promotes the adoption of cross-chain technologies, and fosters the development of standards processes. The CCG team believes its “non-partisan approach uniquely positions it to excel; where other L1 blockchain funded initiatives fall short due to conflicts of interest.”

Initial Members & Steering Committee

The Cross-Chain Group has partnered with Web3 FoundationNervos Foundation, and members of the Cosmos ecosystem, Beanstalk and Hashflow; to begin the process of making their combined visions a reality. Of those, the Web3 Foundation will occupy the first seat on the steering committee; working alongside Summa and Keep to oversee strategic and directional decisions for CCG.

“We believe a multi-blockchain future is a necessary reality; and joining like-minded projects to facilitate this is a critical step toward enabling cross-chain interoperability that will benefit multiple Layer 1 projects; and ultimately benefit the entire blockchain ecosystem.”
– Nervos, Co-Founder, Kevin Wang

If you are working on interoperability solutions, or are interested in furthering their development, consider applying for membership in CCG at

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