AVA Labs releases codebase for next-gen AVA blockchain platform

With AVA's mainnet launch later this year. the team is now inviting anyone to identify and address any possible bugs or enhancement opportunities within the code...

AVA Labs releases codebase for next-gen AVA blockchain platform

Software development company AVA Labs, announced today that the codebase of the AVA blockchain platform has been released to the global community. AVA aims to provide an advanced infrastructure for building decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

The goal is to enable anyone to launch their own blockchains with custom validators and issue assets under any required rulesets including custom virtual machines and programmable legal compliance.

AVA’s network enables both permissionless and permissioned blockchains to interoperate in a scalable way. It is also the first system to employ the Avalanche consensus protocol, which was initially unveiled in 2018 by the pseudonymous group, Team Rocket.

“The release of the AVA codebase concludes the first phase of research and development for AVA; while also demonstrating the commitment to its open-source and decentralized community. Seeing the performance and security improvements made possible by the Avalanche protocol, other major cryptocurrencies, such as BCH, have announced plans to incorporate Avalanche or variants of it. The AVA platform has coupled this protocol with a revolutionary network model that enables the system to span permissioned and permissionless networks, making AVA the first and only true self-serve platform for new blockchains and digital assets.”
– CEO of AVA Labs, Emin Gün Sirer

Developer Accelerator Program

As a next step, AVA Labs has launched the Developer Accelerator Program (the AVA DAP) to foster engagement from the project’s growing community of creators, open-source developers, bug hunters, and security engineers. Intended to encourage feedback from the AVA community; the program offers participants the opportunity to earn up to $50,000 per contribution.

“The release of the AVA codebase is an important milestone. For the first time, a blockchain platform will allow public and private applications to interoperate. AVA has the potential to become the global issuance platform for all digital assets, and this is possible only because of its unique architectural model.”
– John Wu, President of AVA Labs

AVA can support millions of nodes and securely handle thousands of transactions per second. Its flexible and secure architecture enables anyone to launch their own blockchain—or subnetwork.

Developers can launch custom public or private subnetworks with different scripting languages, virtual machines, validators, and rule sets; all while being plugged into one unified, interoperable framework. Additionally, they can create custom digital assets and capture complex business workflows via smart contracts. The AVA toolset includes a wallet, faucet, and libraries for building applications.

“Instead of one network with thousands of tokens; the AVA ecosystem is one platform with thousands of subnetworks and tokens on each subnetwork. We are truly excited to share the code with the broader blockchain community, and welcome any and all input.”
– Kevin Sekniqi, Co-Founder of AVA Labs

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