Blockpass partners with J. Rotbart & Co. to offer precious metal services for PASS Club members

Blockpass partners with J. Rotbart & Co. to offer precious metal services for PASS Club members

Blockchain KYC-as-a-Service platform Blockpass and J. Rotbart & Co., today unveiled a partnership to offer precious metal services to PASS Club members, including six-month gold storage for free.

J. Rotbart & Co. is a boutique firm specializing in physical precious metals and other tangible assets, assisting clients in Hong Kong and Singapore purchase, sell, store and transport precious metals and other tangible assets.

Blockpass provides KYC-as-a-Service to businesses that operate in regulated industries, including crypto wallets, exchanges, and financial services. From the Blockpass app, users can easily create a verified portable identity that can be used to onboard with any service in the Blockpass ecosystem.

Members Club

PASS Club, launched last month, is a members-only club for users of the Blockpass app. PASS Club members have access to exclusive content, including webinars, events, research articles and more.

Of particular value to members, services within the Blockpass ecosystem will offer members exclusive deals from time to time; including special discounts on financial services, IEO’s, chances to earn PASS Tokens, bounty campaigns and more.

 “For over 3,000 years, gold has served as a secure, stable and liquid asset, and we believe that there is no better way to secure investors’ future than by buying physical gold, especially in today’s volatile investment landscape. We are extremely pleased to offer Blockpass users access to this asset class, and to offer our clients an easy KYC gateway service such as Blockpass.”
– Joshua Rotbart, the managing partner of J. Rotbart & Co

Blockpass released its mobile app in May 2018, and released its KYC Connect solution shortly after. From there, Blockpass went on to add a series of enhancements to the service.

KYC Connect is a comprehensive, GDPR compliant KYC-as-a-Service software which can be used for any regulated industry. Partners in the Blockpass ecosystem include Waves, Tokenomica, Bitfinex, Polymath and BnkToTheFuture.

“Gold is a safe asset when the world is unstable and so is bitcoin now. J. Rotbart & Co. makes it easy to buy and store gold and they also offer gold to bitcoin and bitcoin to gold services. We are very happy to bring their services to our Blockpass users giving them one-click access to a high-quality personal service for gold purchase and storage.”
– Blockpass CEO Adam Vaziri

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