Testnet for decentralized data storage network Bluzelle now live

Testnet for decentralized data storage network Bluzelle now live

Bluzelle, the decentralized data storage network, announced today that the first version of its CURIE testnet is now available to the public. This marks a major technical milestone before the official release of CURIE at the end of this month.

The CURIE testnet gives developers an early opportunity to start developing apps. as well as get familiarized with the token economics. The testnet token can be freely attained and is for development use only. Once the stability of both BluzelleNet and the testnet is sufficient; they will then be merged together as BluzelleNet 0.1, where database services are paid for with the real BLZ token.

“Our team has been working hard the past several months, updating our consensus engine to use the Cosmos + Tendermint technology stack, a key component of our decentralized database.”
– The Bluzelle team

CURIE Facts and Features

As a public-facing test network, CURIE is powered by the Bluzelle blockchain. There are four validators running in the following locations:

Three primary interfaces that developers can interact with:

A new client, called blzcli, lets the user interact with our network from the command line. This client enables account management, movement of tokens, and commands to interact with Bluzelle’s database.

BLZJS, is Bluzelle’s revamped Javascript library; and replaces the previous bluzelle-js. BLZJS provides a clean and powerful, yet simple interface to write applications that use the Bluzelle decentralized database.

Bluzelle is a global decentralized database for web 3.0. Bluzelle combines blockchain and edge computing to deliver an instantly scalable, auto-managed, and cryptographically secure database service. Bluzelle is a layer two solution for the data needs of blockchains and is suited for serverless applications, Dapps, gaming, and IoT.
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