SelfKey crypto & ID wallet now available for mobile on iOS and Android

The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a free identity solution for Windows, Linux, Mac and now mobile devices...

SelfKey, an identity management platform and marketplace with a built-in crypto wallet, today announced a significant milestone with the launch of the SelfKey Mobile Wallet. Since January 2018, the SelfKey Foundation has been building an identity ecosystem designed to keep user data safe.

Since June 2018, the SelfKey Identity Wallet has been available for download on desktop devices, making it easier for individuals to both manage their ERC20 tokens and their identification documents. As the ecosystem matures, innovative technology, like decentralized identifiers, will allow the SelfKey community to have much more control over their data than they had before.

In its first iteration, the SelfKey Mobile Wallet, available on iOS and Android, allows users to manage their ERC20 tokens and import their desktop wallet. This means that users can now send and receive KEY and other ERC20 tokens on the go, straight from their mobile device.

Future iterations will have additional functionality; including the ability to manage identity documents, an advanced wallet for enterprises, and access to the SelfKey Marketplace.

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