Bittrex Global introduces credit card support and new order types

Bittrex Global introduces credit card support and new order types

Bittrex Global, the Liechtenstein-based bitcoin and crypto exchange, announced today it is introducing new product features that will give users of the platform additional benefits, control and flexibility when trading crypto-assets.

The features include credit card support, conditional orders on mobile and a referral program through which customers can earn rebates by inviting new users. The credit card support will allow customers to use credit and debit cards to purchase digital assets on their mobile devices as well as through the Bittrex Global website. This feature will initially be introduced to customers in the UK, Germany, France, and the Netherlands, before ultimately being rolled out to all users internationally.

Conditional orders are also being added to the Bittrex Global app, allowing users to place ‘stop-limit’ orders, an important risk management tool for customers on their trades.

In addition, Bittrex Global’s customers can also benefit from a new program that allows them to share a referral code with their contacts. When a new user signs up for Bittrex Global using the referral code and completes their first trade, the referrer will earn a percentage of the commission for the trade as well as additional future trades

These features will be available on both the Bittrex Global website and the new mobile platform. Complementing the powerful, user-friendly interface of the Bittrex Global web platform, the new features serve as part of the ongoing evolution of Bittrex Global. Last year, Bittrex consolidated its international offering as Bittrex Global; and moved its base from Malta to Liechtenstein.

“We are continually working on ways to provide a better experience for users. An enhanced mobile trading experience is one of our top priorities and creating this new credit card gateway is an important way of lowering the barriers to digital asset trading for new and existing customers alike. These features are the first of many we have planned that will underline Bittrex Global’s ambition to provide the best and most secure platform for digital trading.”
– Stephen Stonberg, COO of Bittrex Global

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