Biteeu launches crypto exchange for Australia in partnership with Bittrex

Biteeu will provide Australians with a secure, reliable and advanced trading platform, accessible from its mobile app and website with round-the-clock customer support...

Biteeu, a crypto exchange built on with technology from the Bittrex trading platform, announced that it has launched a new exchange for Australia.

Registered with AUSTRAC as a digital currency exchange provider, Biteeu will offer Aussie users access to 70+ cryptocurrencies.

Users across all Australia’s states and territories will be able to buy, sell, store and transfer their cryptocurrencies with confidence.

Currently, Biteeu offers the ability to purchase crypto with AUD by debit card or by wire transfer.

This is the second collaboration with Bittrex; in April 2019, Biteeu launched an exchange in Estonia.

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