17 initial participants announced for Substrate Builders Program

A large number of high-quality applications is a great indicator that the Substrate ecosystem is quickly growing...

17 initial participants announced for Substrate Builders Program

Parity, the blockchain infrastructure company, today announced that its Substrate Builders Program has “kicked off in full swing” with 17 total teams already joining the program.

The Builders Program identifies, supports and mentors select teams that are building Substrate-based blockchains.  Offering business development, technical and community support, the Substrate Builders Program has both English and Chinese support available.

Program participants have built blockchains for anything from developer/social infrastructure to very specific applications.

Current participants include:
  1. Centrifuge – Financial supply chain platform
  2. Moonbeam – DeFi developer platform
  3. DataHighway – Inter-chain IoT data network
  4. Phala Network – Confidential smart contracts platform
  5. Plasm – Scalable dapp platform implementing layer2 solutions
  6. Laminar – Synthetic asset and margin trading platform
  7. Acala – DeFi network for multi-collateralized stablecoin and staking liquidity
  8. Subsocial – Protocol and web UI for social networks and marketplaces
  9. Polymath – Security token platform
  10. ProChain – Tokenized advertising platform
  11. KILT protocol – Credentials and identity for Web 3.0
  12. Nodle – IoT connectivity network
  13. Valibre – Decentralized remittances network
  14. Transparent Systems – Payment network for businesses
  15. SparkHealth – Healthcare platform
  16. Edgeware – Smart contracts platform
  17. Stafi – Protocol for staking asset liquidity

“The Builders Program is turning out to be larger than we initially anticipated, which shows the increasing maturity of our builder ecosystem as Substrate 2.0 and Polkadot draws near. Many teams in our ecosystem are doing great work, but with the complexity of rolling out a blockchain and building a community, communication with Parity and closer technical support have definitely been welcome.”
– The Parity team

Co-founder of ProChain Roy Young commented, “As we are near mainnet launch, we found it extremely useful to participate in the Builders Program and get fast communication and technical support from Parity.” ProChain is using Substrate to develop a Web 3.0-native advertisement system where advertisers in any social media platform can directly reward users for their participation.

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