HR firm Randstad enhances automation and security with Google Cloud and Cypherium smart contracts

HR firm Randstad enhances automation and security with Google Cloud and Cypherium smart contracts

The highly scalable smart contract platform Cypherium and its partner Google Cloud, today announced a pilot with the world’s largest human resources firm to deliver blockchain-based solutions.

In this initial deployment, Randstad, a global leader in human resource consulting, tapped Google Cloud in tandem with Cypherium’s blockchain to improve its automation and security, allowing the company’s teams to better focus on matching talent with demand.

Randstad Pilot

Today, Randstad relies on humans to verify qualifications and assist background checks, which can take months. By integrating the Cypherium blockchain, Randstad can instantly verify qualifications from official sources through a system of digital signatures while maintaining data transparency and privacy.

Cypherium will also allow Randstad to verify information without collecting or storing user data, through the cryptographic hashing of digital certificates, which can interoperate with other enterprises. Google Cloud and Randstad selected Cypherium for its fast, reliable, and easy-to-use blockchain technology.

“Choosing the right blockchain platform was a priority for Randstad. We also wanted to make sure it was easy and worth the effort. Google Compute Engine and the Cypherium blockchain have proven the ideal combination for us. Both can be accessed with a few clicks; there’s no need to worry about building everything ourselves, installing other apps, or maintenance.”
– Frank van der Bijl, Global Collaboration Manager at Randstad

Cypherium deploys a hybrid of Proof-of-Work and HotStuff (the consensus mechanism used by Facebook’s Libra) to achieve thousands of transactions per second without compromising decentralization. Cypherium delivers robust defense against hacking, preventing data from being leaked through breaches. This helps Google Cloud deliver optimal digital security to its clients, and helps Randstad avoid vulnerability as it manages consumers’ personal information.

“2020 is the year of enterprise blockchain adoption, and Cypherium delivers the scalable, secure technology to help business leaders optimize their processes while improving security. Our partnership with Google Cloud allows us to prove blockchain’s demand in the marketplace, and we look forward to witnessing the success this brings Randstad and other users.”
– Sky Guo, Founder, and CEO of Cypherium