GuildWallet releases v3 with support for Ethereum (ETH)

The GuildWallet team says they are "working round-the-clock to integrate new blockchains..."

GuildWallet releases v3 with support Ethereum (ETH)

GuildWallet, a cryptocurrency wallet application from BitGuild, announced today that is now supports Ethereum (ETH). Initially only supporting Tron (TRX) when launched, support for Ethereum comes with the release of GuildWallet 3.0 (Android).

See below the features available in newly released GuildWallet 3.0:

  1. Brand-new user interface
  2. Mnemonic word support
  3. ETH & All ERC20 token support
  4. Support for ETH Ropsten and Rinkeby testnets
  5. Support for all ETH dApps

“Integrating Ethereum into GuildWallet allows us to introduce our user-friendly products to a wider audience and expand BitGuild’s reach to communities and projects outside TRON, fostering further collaboration and innovation. All of this, while making it easier for crypto holders to manage all their assets in one wallet.”
– The BitGuild Team

BitGuild aims to bring blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption to the masses by providing compelling experiences that are easily accessible. Products include: GuildChat, a crypto social app, GuildWallet, a user-friendly browser extension wallet, and TronTrade, a decentralized exchange.