TokenFunder launches $50 million Canadian regulated real estate tokenization offering

With this announcement, TokenFunder further positions Canada as a leader in regulated digital assets...

Token Funder, a Canadian digital securities investing and trading platform powered by blockchain technology, and TokenGX, Canada’s first digital securities exempt market dealer, are enabling Nest Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation to raise a total $50 million over the next three years.

In an environment where investors are seeking higher yields from private market investments such as real estate, TokenFunder makes it possible for everyday investors to access wealth-generating opportunities that were previously restricted exclusively to high-net-worth individuals.

With Canada’s only approvals to issue and trade digitized securities on a public blockchain, TokenFunder’s unique regulatory-compliant platform is the outcome of over three years of regulatory advances supported by the Ontario Securities Commission LaunchPad.

TokenFunder’s use of smart contracts and digital investor onboarding reduces fees for companies raising capital by up to 90% compared to traditional methods, all while maintaining an open and accessible platform that is free to all investors.

“The launch of the Nest Capital MIC offering represents an unprecedented step forward for the future of financial markets. We see a future where the private markets are tokenized and accessible to everyone. Our mission is to make investing in the private markets as easy as trading public stocks.”
– Alan Wunsche, CEO of TokenFunder