LiquidApps releases customizable enterprise blockchain specific solution: LiquidChains

No longer be forced to choose between the advantages of private, public permissioned, & permissionless blockchains. Create customizable chains with LiquidChains and enjoy best of all...

LiquidApps, creators of the DAPP Network, a platform that sits on top of base-layer protocols and universal middleware used across multiple blockchains, has announced the release of LiquidChains.

A unique approach for enterprises and dApps looking to bridge public, permissioned, and private blockchains when deploying mission-critical blockchain applications; LiquidChains technology allows anyone to spin up a customizable chain in minutes and connect it to a public ledger for transparent record-keeping, if they wish.

The DAPP Network sits on top of base-layer protocols and is the first universal middleware used across multiple blockchains.

LiquidChains can be public or private, permissioned or permissionless. They can exist for as short or long a time as necessary. And they can include whichever trustless features best suit their creators’ use case.

However, should their initial configuration not perform as expected; enterprises could seamlessly switch up their base layer by using the DAPP Network to migrate all their data across chains.

DAPP is the DAPP Network native token; a multi-purpose utility token designed to power an ecosystem of utilities, resources, and services; specifically serving the needs of developers building user-centric dApps.

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