Crypto payment company Utrust welcomes Sanja Kon as new CEO

Founding CEO Nuno Correria will move to Chairman of the Board; as current VP of Global Partnerships Sanja Kon assumes CEO role...

Crypto payment company Utrust welcomes Sanja Kon as new CEO

Utrust, a cryptocurrency payment processing solution, announced its founding CEO Nuno Correia’s role in the company is going to change; he will take on the position of Chairman of the Board.

Sanja Kon, Utrust’s VP for Global Partnerships since 2018 will be taking over as CEO. Sanja previously worked for multinational leader Vodafone. And earlier in her career served as Head of European Partner Development at eBay; and Head of Marketplaces and Enterprise Partnerships at PayPal.

Nuno Correia, Founder of Utrust said:

“The scope of what we’ve accomplished with Utrust in the last few years has been a dream come true as CEO; but it pales in comparison to what we’re going to achieve in the next decade. This felt like the exact right moment to shift my focus from daily operations towards planning that future, and preparing for a decade in which digital currencies are going to truly enter people’s lives. The fact that Sanja was ready to step in; and knowing that I could leave daily operations of the company in such capable hands, was all the reassurance I needed.”