Decentralized storage solution Storj pays out $2 million to node operators

Blockchain storage solution Storj pays out $2 million to node operators

Storj Labs, creators of the Storj decentralized cloud storage solution, announced today that it has now paid out $2 million in STORJ tokens to its network of storage node operators. Currently, Storj reports having about 5,500 node operators on the Storj network.

At its peak, the V2 network had more than 100,000 different nodes. Those who have HDD space to spare and want to help; can sign up to become a storage node operator. As an integral part of a private and completely decentralized cloud solution; node operators help to securely store encrypted data from Tardigrade cloud storage users. No extra hardware is needed to get started, just a reliable internet connection and sufficient hard drive space.

“This is massive, and we’re so proud to have a community of Storage Node Operators helping us build the future of the internet by putting their extra disc space and bandwidth to work. We’re also thrilled to hit this milestone because of what it means for the sharing economy of digital resources. While $2 million in STORJ tokens is a great achievement for Storj Labs and our network of Storage Node Operators, we expect as we see broader adoption of our Tardigrade service, this number will increase and further prove the value of putting unused digital resources to work.”
– The Storj Labs Team

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