Unbiased to launch blockchain-powered data marketplace to combat flawed AI

Unbiased is an incentivized social platform using blockchain and a search app for big data analytics...

Unbiased, a Sweden-based blockchain startup, has set March 6th as the launch date for its new Data Marketplace that uses a combination of crowdsourcing, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable the transparent collection of trustworthy data.

All these features will run on the Telos blockchain, with an eye toward solving a major problem for the AI community: Their data sources are riddled with bias.

“AI and machine learning have the potential to shape industries like healthcare, mobility, insurance, and more. Because of this, there is a significant rise in concerns about the ethical implications of AI and inherent bias, as these applications are used in life-threatening scenarios. We decided to build a transparent platform that ethically meets the data needs of the AI industry to enable these industries to build meaningful AI applications.”
– Sukesh Kumar Tedla, Unbiased founder and CEO

Unbiased’s first offering, the Data Marketplace, will offer a comprehensive solution comprising three distinct layers:

Founded in late 2018, Unbiased is currently a seed-stage, pre-revenue startup looking for venture capital. Through its solutions, Unbiased aims to contribute towards innovation and the betterment of societies. In addition to its Data Marketplace, the company’s future plans include a wide range of services, including real-time data collection, annotation, labeling, and analytics.