KuCoin launches FCoin market maker support program up to $50 million USD

Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin, today announced that in order to help market makers on the troubled crypto exchange FCoin overcome their difficult situation (7000 – 13000 BTC insolvent), KuCoin is launching the FCoin market maker support program of up to $50 million US dollars.

Activity 1: The Market Makers on FCoin As the Market Makers on KuCoin

Users who are qualified market maker on FCoin can also enjoy at least 3 months of the same tier rate corresponding to that of KuCoin, and subsequently, join the KuCoin and KuMEX market maker incentive plans to enjoy various benefits.

Activity 2: Zero Interest loans of up to 50 million

In order to better help market makers on the FCoin platform reduce losses; KuCoin along with its professional lending institution partners will provide zero-interest loans of up to $50 million to the market makers on FCoin. The loan includes but is not limited to BTC, USDT, and ETH and the interest-free amount depends on the actual loss.

Contact KuCon’s market maker client manager to get more information:

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