Jur is launching a legal ‘Smart Contract Competition’ with IE University in Spain

IE University, Spain

After the first edition at Radboud University Faculty of Law, Nijmegen, and immediately following the beginning of the Lab for New Justice at Hull University, Jur, a legal smart contract platform is launching the ‘Smart Contract Competition’ with IE University, in Segovia (Spain).

Students from the acclaimed private University in Spain will be able to work hands-on in the creation of smart legal contracts and experience the entire flow of Jur’s online dispute resolution system.

The competition will be held starting from the February 18th, 2020, over four dates, led by professor Francisco de Elizalde, full-time Professor at IE University, Law School:

The four meetings will take a deep dive into the main concepts and practice of dealing with ODR — Online Dispute Resolution systems — on the blockchain. Luigi Cantisani, legal engineer, and Michele D’Asaro, R&D will lead the meetings at IE University and will touch topics widely ranging from blockchain, use of smart contracts and game theory, which is the underlying framework for the Jur Beta Platform’s dispute resolution system.

Jur’s Lab for New Justice welcomed by IE University, is the third university in Europe, after Radboud’s Faculty of Law and Hull’s Business and Law department to participate in an educational program.

“The Smart contracts competition entails a unique opportunity to instil in our students the skills that lawyers will require to succeed in a highly-developed technological environment. A hands-on experience on smart contracts and blockchain technology will also enhance a normative reflection on how law and technology should interact.”
– Professor Francisco de Elizalde, full-time Professor at IE University, Law School

Professor Francisco de Elizalde, which leads the Smart Contract Competition at IE University, is a full-time Professor at IE University, Law School. He focuses on Private Law, especially Contracts and the Law of Property. He is a permanent Visiting Professor at Koç University (Turkey) and has lectured as visiting at the City University of Hong Kong, FGV Sao Paulo (Brazil) and the Law Schools Global League.

“Smart legal contracts enable a more efficient and transparent relationship between parties. In Jur, we try to bring contracts to life automating core clauses ensuring they become auditable and as self-enforceable as possible.”
– Luca Daniel, CTO of Jur

The Lab For New Justice is the initiative held by Jur to research over the dispute resolution methods and carry out testing on the Jur Beta Platform. Jur is currently releasing the second edition, after the first was carried at Radboud University, Nijmegen, under the supervision of Profs. Andre Janssen and Pietro Ortolani.

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