Best Bitcoin Tumblers in 2020

Lock up your stash right in the new year. The best bitcoin tumblers for 2020 are here. (our recommendation)

As the name suggests, MyCryptoMixer stood out among its peers as the “People’s Choice”, emphasizing on the user’s experience from start to finish. One for the Bitcoin users, it provides non-custodial mixing of BTC with full anonymity. The responsive CS support and 24-hour log deletion have added to its credibility as the best privacy-focused mixer designed for everyone. Users’ funds are processed with a high-quality BTC pool, and an affordable variable service fee ranging from 0.5% – 5%, depending on the user’s preference. A simple 4-step mixing process allows the user to complete the mixing process in a matter of minutes. MyCryptoMixer supports TOR-based mixing, which will further diminish the ability for blockchain analytics to profile BTC users, making the transaction untraceable. Not forgetting the fact that users do not require any account registration. Users can select up to five destination wallet addresses and customize the time delay for each wallet. A letter of guarantee is also provided.

We’re not going to waste your time. You’re looking for the best bitcoin tumblers for this year? Look no further. Bitcoin Tumblers have always been misunderstood, but a valuable asset. According to Best Bitcoin Tumbler, a top website that gives up-to-date information about this matter, bitcoin tumblers and bitcoin mixers can help all traders improve their position in the market, so why not meet the best bitcoin tumblers for the new year?

⦁ BitBlender
Despite the fact that they have high transaction fees (1-3%) and a lofty minimum deposit (0.01BTC), not to mention the fact that they have no zero log policy and no letter of guarantee, BitBlender is still one of the top services used by bitcoin owners. This is largely because they’ve been around since the dawn of time and have a high-quality stash to mix with. Also- there’s zero registration and users can select up to TEN different output addresses, which really makes their service stand out.

⦁ offers a variable transaction fee of 0.5-2.5% with a minimum deposit of 0.001BTC. They require a minimum of 3 confirmations and have a strict zero-logs policy. also offers a letter of guarantee stating that your coins are piping fresh. Zero registration and a high degree of user controls are favorites among users and they can support up to 8 output addresses.

⦁ CryptoMixer
Yet another dinosaur that only accepts bitcoin, CryptoMixer has that tried and true OG status. Variable fees from 0.5- 3% with a minimum deposit of 0.001BTC may dissuade newcomers, but they support up to 10 output addresses and have a zero logs policy. For more incentives, the company tosses up a referral program for returning users and has a letter of guarantee.

⦁ Anonymix
A name that always seems to pop up in the top of any bitcoin tumblers list, Anonymix is a massive favorite. Simple to use, 0.3% transaction fee and a lowly 0.002BTC minimum deposit. Their minimum deposit threshold makes it really easy to give their services a try and find out for yourself. They offer a minimum of 1 confirmation and have both TOR and clear web services. They carry no logs and have a user-controlled time delay function.

⦁ Mixtum
Staunch and pricey, Mixtum refers to itself as a “premium bitcoin mixer”. While one might assume that because of the astronomical 4-5% transaction fee, or rather dear 0.001BTC minimum deposit, their bougie tag line actually comes from their level of anonymity. With little to no user control, the site requires that users use at least two output addresses and multiple confirmations. Their process generally takes about 6 hours, but the anonymity of the tumbled coins are second to none.

⦁ Bitcloak
Brand new to the bitcoin tumbler block, bitcloak is all about ease. They sport a 2% transaction fee with a 0.0004BTC network fee. The company requires a minimum deposit of 0.01BTC, supports up to 10 addresses and requires at least one confirmation. There’s a letter of guarantee as well. You can peek in on your mix during its progress and every bit of information about your mix is deleted within 24 hours.

⦁ PrivCoin
PrivCoin supports a wealth of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and bitcoin cash. They have a low fixed transaction rate of 0.5% and tack on a 0.0005BTC fee for additional addresses, up to 10. They require anywhere from 1 to 50 confirmations and have a zero logs policy. There’s also a referral program and a letter of guarantee.

⦁ SmartMixer
Variable transaction rate at 1-5%. They have no minimum deposit, but the transaction rates are fairly steep. Must have a minimum of three confirmations and SmartMixer holds logs for 24 hours, after which they automatically delete. They offer both TOR and clear web mixers for those that are uncomfortable with dark web browsers. Arguably a good mixer, but not designed for the pros.

⦁ ChipMixer
ChipMixer is truly a stand-alone bitcoin tumbler. They have a minimum deposit of 0.001BTC, but pretty much everything after that is user-controlled. Transaction fees are mostly donation, unlimited output addresses and a zero logs policy. They also offer a letter of guarantee. With super high anonymity and a long list of user controls, ChipMixer is bound to quickly be embraced as the best.

⦁ Bitcoin Laundry
A relatively new name in bitcoin blenders, they are quickly gaining “best” status. Their only fees are a 0.0002BTC fee per output address, no transaction fees are incurred. A super-low minimum deposit of 0.0005BTC and have a minimum confirmation requirement of 1. They also operate on both TOR and clear web- which is quickly becoming the norm. There is a user-controlled time delay function as well. However, the company does retain logs for a week after mixing, which can be a massive turn-off for many potential customers.

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