Crypto bank app BABB successfully holds beta launch event

BABB Beta Launch Party at Level39 in London

BABB, a crypto banking app for managing tokens and fundraising, successfully held its beta launch event on February 12th. Nearly 200 supporters joined the BABB team to celebrate the milestone.

Features of v1.0 of the BABB beta platform:

Upcoming features currently being worked on include: cash-in and cash-out functions, currently in development and testing. Continued product developments and improvements from the MVP, and UI/UX updates.

“People asked why we threw a party to celebrate the release of a Beta, the answer is simple. The BABB Platform is based around the concept of a global, connected community that will give people back control of their finances and not discriminate against their income level or where they live. We brought nearly 900 people together online and in-person to celebrate the occasion. ”
Rushd Averroës, CEO and Founder, BABB

Problems the BABB Platform Solves

“The launch party gave us the opportunity to extend to a userbase of 300 testers who are already providing valuable feedback on everything from user acceptance, bugs, and glitches to UI/UX improvements. I take pride in starting my career in South Africa and being part of a developing economy, including the related financial challenges faced daily by very diverse circumstances and people.”
– BABB Chief Technical Officer, Grant Van Wyk

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