Status V1 goes live combining ethereum wallet, browser, and messenger

Status, a secure communication tool combining P2P messenger, crypto wallet, and Ethereum-enabled browser into a single mobile app for both iOS and Android is now live with version 1.0 (V1).

While the core mobile application is no longer the sole focus of the Status Network, it is still integral to the Status mission of a decentralized web. Status is building not only a tool for private and secure communication, but a gateway into an emerging ecosystem of decentralized applications.

“After nearly a year of more quiet and focused development, we’ve restructured the core application, built out the promises of the white paper and prepared the app for a future in which the Status Network seeks to deliver on the promises of Ethereum at large.”
– The Status Team

The foundations of the core Status application are still tethered to the Ethereum network. Version 1 of Status launches with new SNT utility features; including a sticker marketplace and a decentralized DApp directory. Other white paper features, such as the fiat-to-crypto Teller Network and incentivized messaging with Tribute to Talk, are also moving forward.

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