Blockchain analytics firm AnChain.AI gets $4.3 million in seed funding

AnChain.AI raises $4.3 million from Amino Capital, Susquehanna International Group (SIG), Brightway Future Capital, and more...

AnChain.AI, an AI powered blockchain security and analytics platform, announced it has successfully raised a pre-A round, totaling $4.3 million. Funding was co-led by Amino Capital and Susquehanna International Group, an early investor in the world’s most valuable Internet startup ByteDance.

With the new funding, AnChain.AI will seek to expand its team and further scale the business.

Mr. Ye Li, Partner at SIG, shared his perspective: “AnChain’s AI-powered, smart contract-aware analytics engine will prove essential in safeguarding the blockchain ecosystem.”

Investors joining this round include Susan Mason, GP of Aligned Partners, and Brightway Future LP.

“Our customers are among the pillars of the blockchain economy,” said AnChain.AI COO and Co-Founder, Ben Wu. “We are committed to delivering the highest quality of ecosystem intelligence, bringing trust and transparency as cryptocurrency continues to integrate with legacy enterprise.”

AnChain.AI’s intelligence is trusted by the leading blockchain companies including Huobi, TokenInsight, and hedge funds.

Prof. Ikhlaq Sidhu, Head of the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, spoke highly of the fundraising: “We applaud AnChain.AI’s efforts to facilitate legitimacy and security in the crypto industry, a key to its maturing.”

“Despite the capital winter and bearish crypto market in 2019, we have proven product-market fit, and delivered great value to our customers. We’re thrilled to see that our vision is shared by our investors,” said AnChain.AI CEO and Co-Founder, Victor Fang “A lack of effective SRC: security, risk, and compliance, is the primary obstacle to major blockchain adoption. We bring cybersecurity product best practice like UEBA, Threat intelligence, SIEM, and SOAR to the blockchain,” added Fang.