Outlier Ventures opens applications for Web 3 Accelerator Base Camp Berlin

Berlin will be the home of Outlier's second Base Camp program after London...

Outlier Ventures opens applications for Web 3 Accelerator Base Camp Berlin

European-based blockchain and Web 3.0 venture capital firm Outlier Ventures, today announced it is opening applications for its Base Camp Berlin accelerator. The upcoming program is focused on the decentralized web and new data economy; exploring the convergence of blockchain with IoT and AI.

This second accelerator event comes after the successful launch in London during the autumn of last year. Now the second cohort is set to kick off in June and will run for 12 weeks.

Base Camp Berlin is now recruiting up to eight startups. The accelerator is targeting founders and teams building unique solutions in the machine-to-machine economy, fintech, DeFi, logistics, identity, and networking verticals.

Recently, Outlier Ventures hosted its Diffusion conference in Berlin in October 2019, which featured over 600 developers, and was attended by representatives from leading blockchain protocols, including; Chainlink, Cosmos, Enigma, ETH Berlin, Evernym, Fetch.AI, IOTA, and Ocean Protocol.

Berlin Accelerator

The Base Camp accelerator is a 3-month program that provides seed capital, office space in Berlin as well as hub services. It includes a bespoke program for each team with access to Outlier’s network of mentors from across the industry: including investment, enterprise, and technology partners.

“We are proud to be supporting tomorrow’s next billion dollar founders at the very genesis of their storyl and believe there is a profound need for an accelerator dedicated to helping founders explore, understand and experiment with emergent Web 3 tooling, business models and new funding mechanisms to future proof their startup and make sure they are fit with tomorrow’s new world.”
Jamie Burke, Founder, and CEO at Outlier Ventures

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