EU crypto exchange Tokenomica adds support for euro-based trades

Tokenmoica enables euro based trades

Tokenomica, a European based crypto exchange company, has announced that Euro is now available for all verified accounts. Users are now able to trade crypto-to-Euro and vice versa, deposit and withdraw Euro via a wire transfer. All of the company’s fiat operations are fully compliant with the crypto regulation in Malta.

The traded fiat asset is the actual Euro, not a stablecoin. Last November, fiat operations were launched on Tokenomica using Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) system for EU residents only. Tokenomica supports SWIFT Euro Payments as well.

Transaction fees and limits:

Deposit fee  — 0%;
Withdrawal fee — 0,50%;
Minimum deposit and withdrawal amount — 50 Euro.

Along with this update, the Tokenomica team is working on a new feature that will allow users to generate reports on their trading operations. This new feature will allow users to obtain reports on their trading activities which can serve for tax, compliance, or other regulatory requirements. The reports feature will launch before the month’s end.

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