Wyre introduces purchase on-ramp for Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC)

Note that Wyre does not yet offer a way to peg-out or convert back to BTC. Don’t acquire L-BTC unless you are sure you have a method of converting them back to BTC...

Wyre introduces support for Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC)

Blockchain payment company Wyre, announced today that it has added support for Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) as the newest asset to its platform. Currently, L-BTC will only be available for purchase through its V2 Apple Pay/Debit Card Widget.

Wyre is the first fiat on-ramp to offer L-BTC to US residents.

At launch, the L-BTC widget will be made available on Liquid.net, a new website from Blockstream providing the latest information on the Liquid Network. A user can simply click Buy L-BTC to be directed to the Wyre Widget to purchase L-BTC in a matter of minutes, without having to peg-in bitcoin themselves.

“We believe this will be great for people who want to get started with Liquid, with a small amount of L-BTC you are able to cover fees for transacting with Liquid assets (e.g. USDt) or even issue your own assets with a Liquid node.”
– The Wyre Team

The Liquid Sidechain

Liquid is a sidechain of Bitcoin, launched by Blockstream in September 2018, and allows users of the Liquid Network to move Bitcoin between the two networks with a two-way peg. Bitcoin used in the Liquid Network is referred to as L-BTC, and each L-BTC has a verifiably equivalent amount of BTC secured by the Liquid members called functionaries.

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