listing first continuous token offering (CTO) from Two Prime

Two Prime is launching a new asset class – the FF Accretive Token (FF Token) and a new exchange offering, the Continuous Token Offering (CTO). The proceeds from the sales are invested in real assets that hold accretive value and bring real cash flows. The token is part Store of Value and part Asset-Backed token and employ a model that leverages the fund formation dynamics of crypto exchanges via the CTO... listing first continuous token offering from Two Prime

Cryptocurrency exchange, today announced that Two Prime’s inaugural FF Token — the FF1 — will be live and available for trading exclusively on the exchange starting February, 25th, 2020.

Unlike other tokens available on the market, the majority of which are single-asset, the FF1 token will offer purchasers a type of cryptocurrency that has safeguard mechanism using a well-diversified and risk-managed structured portfolio in the blockchain industry.

“With the FF1 Token, our vision is to provide a unique offering to the market. We offer a better way to get diversified exposure to crypto. For retail crypto purchasers, this means access to funds to which you would otherwise not be allocated. And for institutional purchasers, it means a hedged and safe approach to the next crypto wave. We bring professional risk management and capital allocation from traditional finance into the crypto space. For far too long, crypto trading has been based on speculation. We need to rethink the way we approach crypto and focus on what has worked best — financial applications. Through the FF Token and the Continuous Token Offering model, Two Prime’s vision is to bring greater abundance to the industry.”
– Two Prime Co-Founder, and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Marc Fleury

Marc’s unique experience in professionalizing open source software and Two Prime’s co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Alexander S. Blum’s financial expertise and insight aims to create a product that is uniquely positioned to bridge the best practices of traditional finance and crypto. Along with Director of Finance Thejas Nalval, Two Prime’s core investment team will act as an active investor and bring value to the industry.


Two Prime will initially emit up to five million FF1 tokens into circulation onto secondary markets. The Continuous Token Offering (CTO) replicates the private equity approach of staged, de-risked financing and will continuously release additional tokens into circulation in line with real demand. The CTO model may be replicated in future FF Tokens in a multitude of verticals such as green technology and smart cities.

“We’re excited to bring Two Prime’s unique and innovative token to our members. We are committed to the development of the crypto industry, and the FF1 elevates the type of offering available on our platform. We look forward to working closely with the Two Prime team and bring about the next wave of crypto finance.”
– Kai Kono, Global Head of Business Development and Sales at Liquid

The FF Token represents a new asset class. Funds raised from the sale of the FF1 will be allocated to projects admitted to the Two Prime Partner Program, including BabelFinance, one of the largest commercial crypto finance institutions, and leading crypto investment fund NGC Ventures.