SKALE completes Fortmatic integration to make web3 more usable

SKALE completes Fortmatic integration to make Web3 more usable

SKALE, an elastic blockchain infrastructure for building Ethereum-based apps, announced today that Fortmatic and SKALE Network have completed a highly-anticipated integration.

Fortmatic is a web3 provider SDK that lets developers build accessible and secure Ethereum dApps without forcing their users to wrestle with browser extensions or seed phrases. Fortmatic’s over 3000 clients and dApps can now easily deploy and run their smart contracts on SKALE’s elastic sidechains gaining speed, while cutting costs, staying full Ethereum, and being decentralized.

SKALE Technology

The SKALE Network is an execution layer on Ethereum that enables developers to build their projects faster, with better performance. It is an elastic and decentralized network that connects and facilitates transactions based on on-chain escrows between thousands of independent blockchains, sidechains, storage chains, and other types of subchains, all tied to the Ethereum public mainnet.

SKALE’s asynchronous, leaderless consensus mechanism and pooled validation model empower scalable security and decentralization that are ideal for a wide range of dApps from games to DeFi, prediction markets, IoT projects, marketing tech, and many more. SKALE is full Solidity and supports popular dev tools (Truffle, web3.js, Remix), major token standards (ETH, ERC-20, ERC-721), and a variety of key wallets (Fortmatic, and previous integrations with Bitski, Metamask, Portis, Torus). Deploying to SKALE is effortless and takes just a few lines of code.

Key Management / Onramps

For many, at present, accessing dApps involves securing seed phrases or even downloading browser extensions. Fortmatic offers the familiar mainstream user authentication experience of logging in with an email address or phone number. This removes unnecessary friction and makes web3 dApps as easily, if not more, accessible for users than traditional Web 2.0 applications —with over 84% of users completing the signup flow enabled by Fortmatic.

Fortmatic’s delegated key management brings account recovery to web3, along with security shifts that allow for non-custody as well as exportability and importability of user keys—all fully audited and adhering to the most stringent security standards and controls, being SOC 2 compliant, for an institutional-grade and enterprise-ready solution.

Fortmatic also gives dApps the ability to offer a fiat on-ramp feature, allowing users to purchase utility tokens with credit cards or fintech options like Apple Pay. Fortmatic strives to get out of developers’ way and empower them as a developer tool rather than a full-featured wallet as it provides all these capabilities to decentralized applications, in order for developers to own their user experience from end-to-end without diluting their brand and trust.

The SKALE-Fortmatic integration allows dApp developers to leverage a wide range of tech services, from SKALE’s secure and high throughput decentralized modular cloud infrastructure to Fortmatic’s authentication, key management, and other user-facing features. Together, SKALE and Fortmatic aim to usher in web3 capabilities and decentralization with mainstream-ready user experience.      

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