Ethereum-based invoicing network Request goes over $750,000 transacted

Request gateways reduce the complexity of interacting with the blockchain. No need to manage different contracts, specific libraries, and gas (the calculable fee for every operation carried out on the Ethereum network)...

Ethereum-based invoicing network Request goes over $750,000 transacted

Request Network, an open network for transaction requests built on Ethereum, announced today a milestone with over $750,000 now transacted through the network.

To offer users more flexibility when sending and receiving payment requests, the Request Network team is always updating features and is currently focused on integrating 3rd-party asset management tools. For example, the upcoming integration with Multis, an interface for companies to manage their crypto, enables native support for creating payment requests using Request.

“We are always striving to better serve our users by making it easier to access the Request Network. This gives users choice; we feel strongly that the ability to choose is what will give users the freedom to better manage their finances by not being locked into closed product ecosystems. We are well on our way to $1M transacted. We are grateful for the trust our users and partners have shown us and excited to see the continued adoption of cryptocurrency for business.”
– The Request Network Team

Noteworthy statistics since Request’s latest usage update:

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