CoinField launches wallet for Sologenic (SOLO) tokenized XRP Ledger assets

Sologenic is holding a public token sale from February 18th - 25th...

CoinField launches wallet for Sologenic (SOLO) XRP Ledger tokenized assets

CoinField, a regulated European-based crypto exchange, today has released the very first native wallet app to support SOLO and XRP Ledger tokenized assets for its Sologenic ecosystem.

SOLO is the native token of Sologenic, a platform built on the XRP Ledger that facilitates investing and trading of on-demand tokenized assets, including stocks and ETFs.

The decentralized wallet app allows users to manage multiple wallets, view live market prices, review their recent transactions and transfer all their digital assets from a single XRP wallet address.

Sologenic will be adding decentralized exchange (DEX) functionally to this app in Q2, allowing users to trade securely while keeping control of their private keys.

“Security, ease of use, availability, speed, and decentralization were amongst our top goals when developing the SOLO Wallet apps. The SOLO core team will continue working on the app and will release new updates, such as advanced transactions, notifications and decentralized exchange (DEX), so users can securely trade digital assets while they keep their own private keys.”
– Reza Bashash, Sologenic Technical Lead

Sologenic is introducing an ecosystem that facilitates investing, trading, and on-demand tokenization of assets such as stocks, ETFs, and fiat on top of the XRP Ledger. A tokenized stablecoin of TSLA stock or USD fiat is presented as TSLAƨ or USDƨ. These stablecoins are tradable and redeemable against XRP and SOLO on both CoinField exchange & XRPL DEX.

The wallet app is available to download for desktop and via the Apple Store and Google Play.

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