Ethereum-powered community collaboration platform Colony launches public beta

Ethereum based community collaboration platform Colony launches public beta

Colony, a platform for community collaboration powered by Ethereum, announced today the launch of its public beta. The platform lets teams, projects, and communities do work, make decisions, and manage money, together.

The Colony Network is a suite of smart contracts, running on Ethereum. It provides a general-purpose framework for the essential functions organizations require, such as ownership, structure, authority, and financial management.

The first beta version comes implemented with:

“The Colony beta is very definitely MVP software. We’re sure you’ll find it useful, but most of the features are also pretty stripped back to begin with, and you may encounter UX niggles. It’s also worth noting that using Colony is most definitely risky. This is highly experimental beta software and we urge you to exercise caution in its use. While we have built the Colony Network with utmost care and diligence, we provide absolutely no guarantees whatsoever as to its security or fitness for purpose of any kind. Do not commit more funds to a colony that you can afford to lose.”
– The Colony Team

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